Nicole Migeon


NMA Studio and Gallery


Nicole Migeon Architect Moves into New Office

NEW YORK, NY – April 10, 2009 – Nicole Migeon Architect’s (NMA) newly-built studio and gallery space is an exercise in versatility and efficient design. It serves as a meeting space for clients and contractors, an office, and a gallery without sacrificing comfort in the relatively small 400 square-foot space.

The studio is designed in accord with NMA’s working philosophy, which is a deliberate departure from the traditional structure of larger architecture firms. As opposed to a preexisting team, NMA works with a small group of core employees and adds individuals to suit every project’s particular demands. The office makes full use of the flexibility afforded by modern technology and can be reconfigured for each new task.


Common roomCustom millwork seating and storage unit, custom millwork workstations, mahogany floor.

20090402-nma-office-1Common roomCustom millwork seating and storage unit, custom workstations.


StorefrontCustom glass grid storefront.


Conference roomCustom cobalt blue glass conference table, custom faux skylight.