Nicole Migeon


Firm Description

Architecture / Interior Design / Art Consulting

Nicole Migeon Architect (NMA) is a New York City firm specializing in hospitality, spa, salon, and residential design…the spaces where we retreat, relax, and recharge. Distinctively versatile, it offers a wide range of design services, including architecture, interiors, furniture, and lighting, as well as custom millwork and art consultation.


The firm offers an uncommon design aesthetic, born from the inventive eye of a principal with a rich background in the fine and decorative arts. Like paints on a palette, sensuous and tactile materials are the inspiration of any NMA commission, often selected during the design process to inform the architecture or interior space.

Architecturally, the firm’s work is characterized by sensible minimalism and elegant juxtapositions reflecting attention to sustainability and community. Outdoor and indoor environments are literally integrated through open, oversized doors and windows that dissolve boundaries. The use of daylight, deliberately-framed views, artful lighting compositions, and indoor ponds and gardens further emphasize this convergence. Versatile interior spaces are created by recessed doors and layered planes of translucent or opaque panels that move to suit mood, time of day, or purpose—a workplace by day can become a guest haven by night. Rooms can be reconfigured to provide ventilation or to conserve heat. Warm color palettes and a customized range of materials meld to create striking and tasteful surroundings.

The firm’s work process is as unique as its design approach. Its core team builds a consortium of specialists including consulting architects, engineers, metal workers, writers, artists, and photographers, on any given project. The design method is equally collaborative, initiated through client interviews to discern tastes and needs to which the design team applies its signature combination of classic principles and contemporary elements to create pleasing, functional spaces.

The success of NMA emanates from the firm’s attention to detail and efficiency of work. Each project reflects the strategic integration of the clients’ wishes with NMA’s singular design philosophies, practices, and community spirit.